CAFE Lighting & Living is a family owned wholesale company which opened in 1995, initially supplying national
discount retail chains with high volumes of a small range of table lamps, including the iconic Espresso Touch Lamp,
whose sales have now surpassed the 1 million mark.
The next ten years saw our lighting range expand until 2004 when we introduced new categories into our offer including
a variety of home decorator products. Since then we have grown and developed into an industry leader as a wholesale 
provider of high quality designer furnishings, lighting and accessories.
The team at CAFE Lighting & Living are passionate about what we do, and our designers and buyers travel widely to ensure
that our product range is current and on- trend at all times. We aim to bring you unrivalled collections of designer furniture,
homewares and accessories at excellent value with first class customer service.
The full range of CAFE Lighting & Living product is presented here on this website, and we also have showrooms in Sydney
and Melbourne. CAFE Lighting & Living’s exciting new ranges are regularly showcased at the major interior design and gift ware
trade shows in Sydney and Melbourne each year.