5 Easy Ways To Style Your Smaller Space Into A Roomy Oasis

With a bit of creativity and the use of clever design, you can make your limited square metres feel like a roomy oasis and calming sanctuary. Walk through the styling of a new 2 bedroom Essendon townhouse fitout with Dani @ CAFE Lighting & Living and discover some industry tips on perfecting the art of living well in a small space...

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At CAFE Lighting & Living we design with your needs in mind, offering products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are our top 5 tips to help you perfect the art of living well in a small space. 




Selecting the right size furniture for your room will allow you to create a well-balanced aesthetic. This is key in planning your small space. Opting for only small furniture can make your room look uncoordinated and soulless, while furniture that is too big will create a cramped feeling. The trick is in finding a happy medium and choosing the perfect size for your space. The best solution is to opt for sleek furniture that keeps your room feeling airy and open. Keep it interesting by combining a variety of finishes and silhouettes. Often, simple is best – a well proportioned sofa offset by smaller occasional chairs that can double as dining or bedroom seating if needed. 

'Invest in stylish and clever pieces of furniture 
that serve two purposes'


Invest in stylish and clever pieces of furniture that serve at least two purposes, such as nested coffee tables that can be pulled out when entertaining, seating with built in storage or using a buffet instead of an entertainment unit - allowing you to declutter your space, maximise storage, and create a feeling of calm. Bar carts on wheels are not only great for entertainment but can also be used as a statement piece to add character to your home.



When planning your room layout, consider large furniture placement first. Pulling furniture away from the wall creates breathing space and a sense of openness within the room. Instinctively pushing your sofa tight up against the wall can generally have the opposite effect of making your room look smaller. Empty space is restful for the eye and helps draw attention to your perfectly curated items. Dressing your room vertically with tall furniture or minamalist art on the walls can also help you to create a feeling of space whilst still maintaining a unique sense of style.


'Empty space is restful for the eye'



Optimising space in your home is a fine balancing act of adding items that are carefully curated and ensuring everything serves a purpose within your small home. A large couch or oversized rug will help you to anchor your space and create a balance with a smaller dining table or coffee table.



Colour is certainly making a comeback in interior styling, but nothing beats a crisp white backdrop. Whilst dark, warm tones are associated with adding warmth and cosiness, opting for a consistent flow of white and light colours throughout your home allows you to create the illusion of one large continuous open space. 


'Nothing beats a crisp white backdrop'

Our head designer Simone recommends using Dulux Lexicon Quarter ... 'It's a definite favourite when opting for a modern, but warm white tone that works well in smaller spaces. You can then add pops of colour and pattern in carefully selected cushions and accent pieces allowing your individuality to shine through.' 



Lighting your space correctly can have a very dramatic effect on the overall feel and can assist in creating an illusion of space. It is important to consider all types of lighting when working with a small space. Remember to include table and floor lamps to help create a balanced environment with a warm even glow, lighting up the darkest of corners and encouraging a gentle, relaxed atmosphere. 

'Create a balanced environment ... 
and encourage a gentle, relaxed atmoshere'


Placing table lamps in symmetry can help you to create an even greater feeling of calmness and order, however if floor space is in high demand, opt for pendant lighting to create stylish impact without using any valuable space.
When thinking about adding flair and substance to your living area, a single statement pendant or chandelier works perfectly above a dining or coffee table to offer the room a striking point of focus and visually define the space. 




It might seem odd to consider an oversized piece of art for a rather small space, but this is one handy trick designers put to the test endlessly to give a room a more spacious feel. Much like a statement pendant, large scale art acts as a focal point in your overall scheme and allows you to inject your own style and personality whilst keeping it clean and simple. The same philosophy is used in smaller bathrooms where large tiles are recommended over small to minimise visual clutter and assist in the room appearing larger than it actually is.


'Large scale art acts as a focal point ... 
injecting a big punch of style while keeping it clean'


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