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There’s no doubt about it, life at the moment is hectic. Who knew our home spaces (and head spaces) would be pushed to such limits!? Sure, the occasional bout of homework on the dining room table has often been part of the picture, but with many people now working from home (including kids) and managing life in rather unnatural circumstances, our need for practical, workable spaces is as vital as ever. 

Here we explore a few simple ways to help keep things in order and restore a sense of calm at the end of the day. We hope that making a decision to indulge in these few simple touches will help you feel more positive and relaxed - heaven knows we could all do with some self-care at the moment!






Chaos and mess can lead to anxiety and stress, so before adding blissful touches you need to get rid

of clutter. There has never been a more perfect time to declutter and reorganise. We know this can

be a challenge, but just remember to be strict on yourself and if you haven’t used an item in a year,

simply ask the question do you really need it? For those things that you simply cannot part with,

invest in stylish and clever pieces of furniture that help you keep things organized, like a buffet with

adjustable shelving that adapts to your organisational needs, or a set of drawers with dividers.

Decluttering your space will help restore a feeling of calm.




Workstations can play a huge role in how we feel emotionally and in turn this can affect our work productivity. Your workspace should be something that inspires you, calms you and motivates you all at the same time. Whether it be a makeshift workspace, a creative mess or a highly organised office, it is equally as important to be able to pack your work (or homework) away if it's in a common area and organise it at the end of day to return your home (or office) to a ‘happy place’. Trust me, your 'next morning' self will thank you. Using clever storage such as drawers, cupboards or moveable storage ottomans in common living areas gives you the ability to pack away any evidence of work and regain order!




No, you’ll never be able to get the wine stains out of your linen table cloth, nor will you ever get

around to buffing those rings out of the coffee table. But with a washing machine on your side,

a slip cover for your sofa will help you keep your furniture looking pristine even after all the extra

lounging around. Our favourite at CAFE Lighting & Living is the Birkshire slip cover sofa that is a

practical and comfortable feather filled sofa, with a fully removable tailored cover that can be washed 

over and over. Now everyone can enjoy the sofa, including our furry friends!




Living rooms particularly should always be designed so there is somewhere to put your feet up and

somewhere to put your glass down. Using small, moveable side tables or stools that double as storage,

allows you to make the space really responsive to different needs at any time of the day.

Add extra comfort by adding lush cushions and a throw to your lounge or pile your bed high with

some new cushions and a throw for luxurious, relaxing charm. Put a nice rug down,

 this will anchor a space and add warmth and coziness as we head into the cooler months.





Add some indoor greenery. Leafy plants of yellow and green naturally help us feel more calm and one with

nature. Not only does it look stunning and stylish, but it also freshens the air in your home and

creates a relaxing atmosphere.




There is no better feeling than filling your home with the smell of a beautiful candle or diffuser.

Adding this touch of luxury to your home will help you create a stunning and comfortable atmosphere.

Top oils that are known for helping with anxiety include lavender, rose, vetiver and ylang ylang.


 Woollahra Collection
Stephanie's Buyer Choice: 'A Tahaa Affair' by Glasshouse Fragrances

Our favourite essential oils from The Oil Temple collection


With a few simple touches you can transform your bathroom into an everyday spa.

Treat yourself to a fancy soap or hand wash, a natural face mask and that fluffy bathrobe you have always wanted.

Style your bathroom with these products, light some candles and make sure you put time away for a long, 

relaxing bath at least once a week to unwind and refresh.

Rita's Buyer Choice: 'Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash' by Aesop



The most important thing to remember as we all endeavor these unchartered waters

is that we should always continue to make memories with our family, friends and loved ones.

So throw a virtual dinner or cocktail party and wheel your drinks around on a moveable bar cart!






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